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London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature


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London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature is a public art exhibition showcasing the work of 17 artists and artisans living, working or studying in the Southwark area, opened to the public on 30 January, marking the third such exhibition in a series originally launched by General Manager Julio Marques in 2019, created to celebrate the hotel's 20th anniversary by giving back to the local community. OPEN showcases the talents of artists that live, work or exhibit in the Borough of Southwark, showing that art doesn't need to be confined to a traditional gallery space but can be discovered in all kinds of interesting locations. Conceived in partnership with Team London Bridge and Southwark Council, all artworks are available for purchase. The exhibition has now been extended until the end of May 2020. Exhibited in the hotel's lobby, public areas, and adjoining Quarter Bar & Lounge, the pieces are displayed in a more residential setting which allows potential art purchasers the opportunity of visualising how they might look in their own homes. The exhibits come from a wide range of artistic disciplines from paintings to photography, installations to ceramics and drawings to printmaking. Artists exhibiting are Greg Becker, Liz Charsley, Lucy Cooper, Lynn Dennison, Edori Fertig, Dick Graham, Lynette Hemmant, Jane Higginbottom, Rod Kitson, Henrietta MacPhee, Joanna McCormick, Gail Seres-Woolfson, Natalja Sigalova, Lottie Stoddart, Anna Walsh, and Stella Yarrow. This year's theme is Urban Nature, a theme particularly relevant to London Bridge, an area increasingly thought of as an urban metropolis where nature is making a comeback - parks, corners and streets are once more becoming vibrant pockets of colour and habitats for ecology to thrive. Seeing nature re-emerging in the heart of the city inspired the theme for this exhibition. London Bridge Hotel General Manager Julio Marques says: 'The range and depth of artistic talent displayed in the Borough of Southwark never ceases to amaze me. I am so pleased to offer our hotel as a platform to display these works and to help promote the artistic community living, working and studying in the area. Director of Arts and Culture for Team London Bridge, Ellie Beedham adds 'This is a brilliant project supporting local artists to show their work in the area, formed from a great partnership with Team London Bridge, London Bridge Hotel and Southwark Council.'