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Jeff Dunham: Seriously?


Character comedy.

Character comedy from the American comedian and ventriloquist.

The American comedian and ventriloquist presents his collection of comedy characters including Achmed The Dead Terrorist whose famous catchphrase Silence I Kill You, has now become a popular ring tone. Dunham's popularity has risen in recent years with huge DVD sales, millions of views on the internet site You Tube and international tours. The comic has expanded throughout the entertainment industry with a publishing deal and his own merchandise company, which sells items including character dolls, clothing and wine. In the US he has been named the most popular stand-up comedian and has a deal with Comedy Central, which includes a 60 city tour of the US. Each of the characters Dunham uses have been made by his own hands. The popular characters include Walter The Grumpy Retiree, Bubba J, Jose Jalapeno. His tours of the US have won rave reviews from critics and fellow comedians and looks set to do the same in 2010.