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Humanae is an ongoing project by artist Angelica Dass documenting every human skin tone through portrait photographs, mapped against the Pantone colour chart. The project illustrates that skin colour and race are far more complex than the labels and categories that we are so often forced to fit ourselves into, inviting us all to reflect on and rethink our identities and what we have in common. Hundreds of volunteers from dozens of countries worldwide have already participated in the project, which is a work-in-progress that continues to evolve and grow. We are displaying a selection of portraits from the Humanae series, including a number featuring Londoners taken by the artist, Angelica Dass, at the Migration Museum. Humanae is part of the Migration Museum's opening programme at its new venue in the heart of Lewisham Shopping Centre, on the site of a former branch of H&M. For more information, please visit www.migrationmusuem.org.