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Five Rules for Rebellion – Sophie Walker


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5 rules for rebellion from the Founding Leader of the Women's Equality Party.'As it becomes depressingly clear that those presently in power are not taking the urgent actions required on climate change, inequality and poverty, we must ourselves take action whenever and wherever we can. This book will tell you how.' - Emma ThompsonFive Rules for Rebellion is an inspiring handbook for future rebels and revolutionaries- women who are fed up and disempowered but uncertain of where to begin. Sophie Walker, a long-time activist and journalist turned political party leader and 'modern day suffragette' offers us the alternative, with a 5-step journey to incorporating activism into our lives. Featuring tips from a number of leading activists and drawing on Sophie's own experiences, this book teaches us to see activism as a positive lifelong learning experience. Sophie will be in discussion with Sian Norris, founder of the Bristol Women's Literature Festival.