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Cloudbusting: Kate Bush Tribute


A two-hour show featuring faithful renditions of Kate Bush songs and video projections.

Mandy Watson's two-hour show features faithful renditions of Kate Bush's songs, and video projections created for the cover band by videographer Nick Gregory and artists from around the world.

Mandy Watson's two-hour show features uncannily faithful renditions of Kate Bush's best-loved songs, including Wuthering Heights, Babooshka and This Woman's Work. She is supported by a live band that more than does justice to Kate's complex arrangements, and there are video projections created by videographer Nick Gregory.

Cloudbusting provide a two hour performance featuring Kate Bush favourites and other songs from Kate's wonderful back catalogue . The show is seamlessly complemented by video projections created for the band by their own videographer Nick Gregory and contributed by artists inspired by Kate from around the world. Paying attention to every musical detail and faithfully recreating the true essence of Kate Bush, Cloudbusting will take you on an amazing musical journey with a performance that is as sonically perfect as it is visually awesome. The music of Kate Bush is as popular and relevant today as it ever was. Last year she went down in history when her 22 date show in Hammersmith sold out in minutes and she then went on to achieve eight simultaneous entries in the UK Albums Chart. Cloudbusting are united by a deep love of Kate Bush's music and with their complex and authentic arrangements they pay great homage to her work. Mandy Watson is Kate and she immediately allays all fears. With her very first note the niggles of the most skeptical Kate Bush fan are put to rest. Brilliantly and easefully she encompasses Kate's range and elicits the emotional intensity of the songs without having to resort to caricature. Kate Bush's longtime musical collaborator and bassist Del Palmer commented that Cloudbusting's versions of the songs were "the closest by far" that he'd ever heard.