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Live Music, Country & Folk.

2 May: the Askew Sisters (skilled multi-instrumentalists Hazel and Emily - members of various other bands and groups, including Lady Maisery, Alma, Coven, Songs of Separation and Emily's own band - rework and re-interpret old songs and balladry, so that words that are hundreds of years old resonate with modern audiences; The Telegraph wrote of their "Inspired arrangements of traditional music, striking versions of tricky ballads - this is traditional folk in a fine, fresh form"; The Sunday Times of their "Vocals shimmering above fiddles, viola, melodeons and concertina"; their album In the Air or the Earth won the Spiral Earth Award for Best Traditional Album 2015) The Cellar Upstairs is a weekly folk club, which meets on Saturday nights. We have professional guests every week, supported by resident singers and musicians, and performers from the floor.