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Bruno Macaes – Festival of Ideas at Waterstones


CANCELLED: We will aim to reschedule as soon as possible.

Popular consensus says that the US rose over two centuries to Cold War victory and world domination, and is now in slow decline. But is this right? Historys great civilisations have always maintained their supremacy for a much longer period of time, and for all its colossal power, the US was overshadowed by Europe until recently. What if this isnt the end but only the beginning?Bruno Maes is one of the worlds leading commentators with recent books covering the rise of Eurasia and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. His new book, History Has Begun: The Birth of a New America,offers a compelling andunnervingvision of Americas future.In this event, Maes takes us from the early American Republic to the turbulent present, when, he argues, the US is finally forging its own path. We can see the birth pangs of this new civilisation in todays debates on guns, religion, foreign policy and the significance of Trump. What will this new America look like and what will its values be? And what will this mean for the rest of the west and the world?This is an event in partnership with Bristol Festival of Ideas.