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As You Like It by William Shakespeare Saturday 29 August 8pm How did a company tour in Shakespeare's day? We know that when the theatres closed, a small group of actors, juggling a variety of roles in three or four plays from their extensive repertoire, would leave London and head off on tour. Following in the tradition of their resident playwright, Shakespeare's Globe present a trio of plays exploring the city and the places beyond the city walls. The plays will be performed as a touring production would have been staged in the 17th century, with a stripped back set and a small, versatile troupe of actors. Taking on multiple roles across all three plays - A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It and The Tempest - the talented cast will unravel these tales of lovers, exiles, dreamers and wanderers. As You Like It A firm favourite among Shakespeare's comedies, and including some of his best loved characters, As You Like It runs the glorious gamut of pastoral romance: cross-dressing and love-notes; poetry and brilliant conversation; gentle satire, slapstick and passion. A series of hilarious mistaken identities and mishaps in the Forest of Arden ultimately sees new friendships formed, and families and lovers reunited. Accessible to all, and great for children.