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Released: 1st December 2008
Hold on to your sofa as the years most explosive action movie comes to DVD…From the critically acclaimed director of Daywatch and Nightwatch, Timur Bekmambetov, WANTED is an action blockbuster that won’t let you take a moments breath. This mesmerising, stylish adaptation of Mark Millar’s graphic comic series oozes coolness and non stop action, as we follow the incredible transformation of hapless office drone Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy, Last King of Scotland) into the world’s deadliest assassin.

Wesley exists day after day in a world of tedium and anxiety, belittled by his boss and bullied by his girlfriend. But when he encounters the ultra sexy Fox in his local supermarket (Angelina Jolie, Mr & Mrs Smith), he is catapulted from his humdrum life into an explosive world he had not known existed, where life and death hangs by a thread.

Unbeknown to Wesley, he is the son of the world’s most feared and skilled assassin and is recruited into The Fraternity, a secret society of super sensory assassins, to avenge his father’s death and prevent the slaughter of the remaining Fraternity members.

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This competition is now closed. The winners are as follow:
Theresa Murphy, Dorset, DT2
Phil Hudson, Cambs, PE13
Emmanouil Stavrakakis, London, N1