You might never have realised that the way you hang up clothes in your wardrobe says a lot about your hang-ups. Academic-turned-stylist Dr Anne Hamlyn knows that a Hoarder often has baggage (plus a mean case of “closet claustrophobia”), a Magpie needs every It bag, and an Ethical Purist is guilted into wearing the same plain clothes again and again.

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That’s before her help, of course. Dr Anne spends her days revamping wardrobes with her own personal shopping business, DressMe. She and her team of style experts can come to your house, look through your old clothes and buy new ones for you to try on almost as quickly as you could lie down on the couch to take an ink-blot test.

DressMe helps style both sartorially challenged ladies and gents, and for teenagers, “Fashion Spy” Rivkie Baum can make young-and-cool seem easy. Sounds like the perfect gift for the mind, body and wardrobe this holiday season.

– Jill Hilbrenner