Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster of the Week

The Rhythm Section (15)

Stephanie Patrick is devastated by the deaths of her family in a plane crash, which should have also claimed her life. She numbs the guilt and grief with alcohol and anonymous sex. At her lowest ebb, Stephanie meets tenacious journalist Keith Proctor, who reveals the crash was caused by a bomb. Hungry for justice, Stephanie entreats a former MI6 operative codenamed B to mould her into a lean, mean killing machine, capable of hunting the people responsible for the explosive device.

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Drama Choice Of The Week

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (PG)

Editor Ellen commissions award-winning investigative reporter Lloyd Vogel to write an article on beloved children’s TV host Fred Rogers for a forthcoming issue on inspirational people. “He was the only person on our list willing to be interviewed by you,” she explains. Wearing his trademark cynicism as a badge of honour, Lloyd sits down to interview Fred. As Lloyd spends more time with his subject, the writer is compelled to address deep fissures in the relationship with his father.

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Critic’s Choice Of The Week

The Lighthouse (15)

Ephraim Winslow arrives on an isolated island. He will serve the next four weeks as lighthouse keeper alongside a cantankerous old coot called Thomas Wake, who makes mysterious night-time visits to the lantern room. There is friction between the two men as Wake delegates the most physically gruelling and arduous tasks to Ephraim such as carrying heavy canisters of kerosene across the island’s rocky terrain. As tensions rise, Ephraim experiences hypnotic visions of a beautiful mermaid.

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Also Released This Week...

Jak Zostalem Gangsterem. Historia Prawdziwa (18)

Growing up in the 1970s, a nameless young man realises his insatiable hunger for power, success and adrenaline-pumping thrills. He operates above the law and joins forces with friends to build an army capable of challenging rival mobsters for supremacy...

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Le Grand Voyage (PG)

As he prepares for his all-important college exams, Reda is forced to take leave of his studies to drive his father to Mecca for the Haji. Setting off from their home in the south of France, Reda and his pater embark on a 3,000 mile road trip...

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The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (15)

Ten years after he directed his student film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, advertising director Toby Grisoni finds himself working in the same region of rural Spain on a new project. Haunted by his memories, Toby slowly confronts his demons...

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The Metropolitan Opera Live: Porgy And Bess (TBC)

Eric Owens and Angel Blue sing the impassioned title roles of George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward's opera, which is broadcast live from the stage of the Lincoln Centre For The Performing Arts in New York under the baton of conductor David Robertson...

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Queen & Slim (15)

On the awkward journey home from a first date, Officer Reed pulls over Queen and Slim for a driving violation. A fractious interrogation in the cold culminates in Slim shooting the cop dead in self-defence. Queen argues their only viable course of action is to flee...

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Quezon's Game (12A)

In 1938, Filipino President Manuel L Quezon receives a plea to grant visas to Jewish refugees from Europe. At that time, the archipelago is under American rule and Quezon will have to jump through bureaucratic hoops to realise his goal of welcoming 10,000 refugees to the Philippines...

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Richard Jewell (15)

In 1996, Richard Jewell is proud to work as a security guard at the 26th Summer Olympics in his home city of Atlanta. During a concert in Centennial Park on the middle weekend of the Games, Jewell spots an unattended bag and raises the alarm. His decisive action saves countless lives...

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Show Me The Picture: The Story Of Jim Marshall (15)

Born and raised in Chicago, Jim Marshall captured some of the most iconic images of titans of the music industry including Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival. This documentary explores the life of a revered maverick whose work defined an era...

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Talking About Trees (PG)

In Sudan, the culture of cinema-going has almost died out. Four retired directors travels around the country with a video projector and laptop, staging free screenings in town squares. The filmmakers are encouraged to expand their plans and rejuvenate a theatre in the city of Omdourman...

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