Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

Eileen (15)

Anne Hathaway as Dr Rebecca St John in Eileen, directed by William Oldroyd. Photo: Jeong Park. Copyright: Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Twenty-something shrinking violet Eileen Dunlop works as a secretary at a juvenile detention centre. Home life is equally dispiriting. She weathers constant abuse from her father Jim, a former police officer and drunk. The arrival of glamorous psychologist Dr Rebecca St John turns heads and Eileen is mesmerised by the impeccably tailored new addition to the staff. As Eileen’s infatuation with Rebecca intensifies, the psychologist hints at a dark side.

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Horror Of The Week

There's Something In The Barn (15)

Martin Starr as Bill faces angry barn elves in There’s Something In The Barn, directed by Magnus Martens. Photo: Salna Lukas. Copyright: Vertigo Films. All Rights Reserved.

Bill Nordheim inherits a remote cabin in the woods in Norway and he relocates his brood including children Nora and Lucas and their stepmother Carol. Nora is deeply unhappy about leaving her circle of friends behind in America, while Lucas embraces the move and discovers elves living in their barn. Local people educate the boy about the Barn Elf Rules, which must be adhered to. Alas the rest of the clan blindly ignore Lucas’s meticulous checklist and the enraged elves retaliate.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Fallen Leaves (12A)

Alma Poysti as Ansa and Jussi Vatanen as Holappa in Fallen Leaves, directed by Aki Kaurismaki. Photo: Malla Hukkanen. Copyright: Sputnik/MUBI. All Rights Reserved.

Supermarket employee Ansa stocks shelves and has no-one to welcome her home. At a karaoke bar, she meets lonely construction worker Holappa, who is locked in a long-term battle with alcohol addiction. The strangers click and enjoy a glorious first date at the cinema. Burgeoning romance inspires Holappa to confront his demons but cruel twists of fate repeatedly keep the lovers apart.

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Also Released This Week...

Andre Rieu's White Christmas (U)

Recorded live in the Vrijthof in Maastricht in The Netherlands, this open-air concert has become an annual showcase for Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu. He shares the stage with the 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra for an unabashedly romantic programme.

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CBeebies Panto: Robin Hood (U)

This year's festive production from the CBeebies team is a fun-filled adaptation tale of robbing the rich to give to the poor directed by Chris Jarvis and Geoff Coward, which was recorded over two days in front of a live audience at Venue Cymru in Llandudno.

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Elf (PG)

A 20th anniversary release of director Jon Favreau's heart-warming parable. Buddy has been raised as an elf at the North Pole. Desperate to find people like himself, Buddy leaves for New York City where he learns that his biological father is a penny-pinching curmudgeon.

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Femme (18)

Jules wears his drag persona Aphrodite Banks as a suit of armour and on stage he is fearless. A group of rowdy men beat him to a bloodied pulp and after a recovery period, Jules ventures outside to a local gay sauna, where he crosses paths with one of his attackers, Preston.

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Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce (15)

A feature-length documentary goes behind the scenes of Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour. Cameras are granted exclusive access to the singer-songwriter and her entourage from the inception of the stadium spectacular to an emotional final performance in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Saving Private Ryan (15)

A 25th anniversary rerelease of Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning wartime saga. Shot almost exclusively on hand-held camera, the film traces a doomed rescue mission to save the titular US officer, trapped behind enemy lines on the bloody battlefields of France.

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Scarface (18)

A 4K restoration of the gun-toting crime saga chronicling the rise and fall of Tony Montana, a lieutenant for powerful South Florida druglord Frank Lopez. As Tony rises up the ranks, he slowly succumbs to the product he peddles.

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