St David’s Day 2012: Traditional Welsh Dishes

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St David’s Day 2012: Traditional Welsh Recipes

Bara Brith
Bara Brith (literally ‘Mottled Bread’) is a classic Cymric (Welsh) tea cake incorporating fruit and spices. The full recipe is presented here and I hope you enjoy this classic Welsh version of Bara Brith.
Cawl Cennin (Leek Soup)
Cawl Cennin (Leek Broth [sometimes also known as Leek Soup]) is a classic Cymric (Welsh) soup course, incorporating that evergreen staple of Welsh cooking, the leek.
Caws Pob (Welsh Rarebit)
Caws Pob (Welsh Rarebit) is a classic Cymric (Welsh) griled cheese snack, one of the few Welsh foods that most people can name.
Mum’s Rice Pudding (Pwdin Reis Mam)
Pwdin Reis Mam (Mum’s Rice Pudding) is a classic Cymric (Welsh) version of a rice pudding, that incorporates sultanas into the mix.
Pembrokeshire Pasties (Pastai Penfro)
These individual pies, originally made with mutton, are now usually made with lamb.
Welsh Cakes (Picau ar y maen)
Picau ar y Maen (Welsh Cakes [also known as Welshcakes]) are a classic Cymric (Welsh) griddle cakes, incorporating spices and dried fruit.

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