William plays Wii on official trip

Prince William delighted school children during an official engagement in South Wales yesterday (09.05.08).

The young royal, third in line to the throne, got down to his knees to greet the group of children and made them laugh by blowing raspberries at them.

William’s ease and enthusiasm with the youngsters led to many commentators saying he has “his mother’s touch” when it comes to children. The prince’s late mother, Princess Diana, was famed for her work with youngsters and always put them at ease whenever they met her.

Later in the day, the prince paid a visit to the Valleys Kids Project at the Pen Dinas Flats, in Dinas in the Rhondda Valleys.

He was challenged to a game on of tennis on the Nintendo Wii and joked: “I never thought I would be playing Wii on an official engagement,” before telling his opponent, “You know you’re not allowed to beat me.”

William won the game, and his “nervous” opponent, Martyn James, 18, claimed: “I was stitched up”.