Peter Phillips doesn’t regret not having a royal title.

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Peter’s parents, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, opted for him and his sister Zara not to have an official title and Peter says the decision has allowed him to lead a normal life.

He said: “I think Zara would say the same as I do, that we’ll be forever be indebted to our parents for what they did for us, because they have allowed us to have a normal life.”

However, Peter – who is set to marry girlfriend Autumn Kelly next Saturday (17.05.08) – claims that not having a title hasn’t distanced him or set him apart from the rest of his family.

He told Hello! magazine: “I love the freedom I have but at the same time I’m very conscious of the family that I’m a part of and I’m also extremely proud to be part of the royal family.

“I’m a very staunch family member and I’ll defend them to the hilt in any situation.”