Tara P-T royal drink problem

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson once drank from a finger bowl while having dinner with the royal family.

The TV presenter says the embarrassing gaffe happened several years ago because she didn’t realise what the small liquid-filled bowl at her place setting was for.

She told Star magazine: “My most embarrassing moment happened when I was 16 and went to stay at Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish residence, and drank the finger bowl thinking it was soup. I even asked for the recipe!”

Tara’s parents, Charles and Patti are old family friends of Prince Charles, with the prince also rumoured to be Tara’s godfather. The Palmer-Tomkinson’s enjoyed holidays with Charles and his family three times a year when Tara was younger, propelling Tara into the public eye in 1994.

Up until 2004, Tara and her sister Santa were seen enjoying skiing trips with Charles’ sons, Prince’s William and Harry.

The 36-year-old was once linked romantically to William, despite being 10 years his senior.

She revealed in 1999: “The mother of all rumours concerned Prince William and me. It has been reported that I was in the Meadows not for my cocaine addiction, but because I had slept with him. This is so far from the truth.”