Harry and Chelsy split rumours

Prince Harry is reportedly on the verge of splitting from girlfriend Chelsy Davy, after a series of arguments over his heavy drinking.

The 23-year-old royal – who has a tempestuous relationship with Zimbabwe-born blonde – split from Chelsy last year, allegedly due to Harry’s drinking and “wandering eye”, and are said to be suffering the same problems as before.

A source said: “The situation mirrors the breakup they went through last autumn.”

However, the couple – who put on a united front at the Duke of Beaufort’s Polo Club in Gloucestershire recently – are hoping their upcoming holiday will put their relationship back on track.

The source added: “They are going on holiday together soon and hopefully they will manage to patch things up again. But Harry is incorrigible. He is at that age when he likes drinking with his mates. Chelsy will have to resign herself to that or it will be over.”