Charles sings karaoke

Prince Charles showed off his vocal skills yesterday (02.07.08) when he attempted to use an Asian-style karaoke machine.

The 59-year-old royal was touring a new music centre in Acton, West London, run by the Asian Music Circuit (AMC) to educate traditional music and instruments from Asia when he rose to the challenge of singing along with a ‘virtual guru’ – a pre-recorded Asian performer who is used to train music students.

With his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, fondly looking on, Charles carefully held the microphone and sang along while he watched a computer screen displaying a moving graph representing the pre-recorded voice.

Following the performance, the prince turned to Camilla, smiled sheepishly and exclaimed: “Oh well!”

Charles and Camilla then experimented with some of the other instruments on offer, including the gendair – an instrument similar to a xylophone – which they played by hitting its metal bars.