Queen is Ascot trend setter

Queen Elizabeth will set the fashion trend when Royal Ascot starts today (17.06.08), according to a leading fashion critic.

James Sherwood thinks the queen will lead people in how to dress and behave at the world famous horseracing event.

He said: “I do not think the queen or any member of the Royal Family particularly lead fashion trends any more except for Royal Ascot Week – when they set the tone for how people dress and how they behave.

“In the last 10 years the queen has blossomed and looks both happy and glorious. This is thanks largely to her dresser Angela Kelly and younger designers such as Stewart Parvin. As Miuccia Prada recently said, the Queen is simply the most elegant woman on the planet.”

James also revealed ways to avoid fashion faux pas at the week-long event in Berkshire, south-east England.

He said: “You should never try to set your own trends at Royal Ascot. It is not the place for fashion experimentation or veering too far from the dress code.

“Trying to be too adventurous or aiming to stand out for the cameras, people tend to make an exhibition of themselves and attract attention for the wrong reasons.

“The people that I pick to comment on live at Royal Ascot are not the ones who have gone for a lovely day at the races and put on their Sunday best. They may not be wearing new season couture but they have made the effort.

“It is the people who try to dress outrageously to get on the telly who I usually have the sternest words for.”