Princess Michael of Kent shouted at people who dared touch her at a recent Florida party, saying it was ‘not done’.

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The 62-year-old – who has earned the nickname Princess Pushy because of her self-important attitude – was labelled ‘rude and nasty’ by guests at the Palm Beach fundraising bash who suffered her wrath after innocently and accidentally laying their hands on her.

A party insider told the New York Post: ‘When one man was talking to her, he was touching her shoulder. She kept saying, ‘Don’t touch me, that’s not done.’ She was telling people they were violating the rules.

People were doing all the wrong things, they are just a bunch of Americans – they don’t know what to do!’

Another guest added: ‘I thought the princess was rude and nasty. When she sat down for the presentation of the art exhibit at the party, she snapped at me, ‘Get your hand off my chair.’

The princess – who infamously told a group of black dinner guests to ‘go back to the Colonies’ while she was at a party for restaurant Da Silvano a few years ago – also unleashed her anger at the fundraiser event chairman Alan Bleznak when he put his arm round her while having a publicity photo taken.

The insider continued: ‘She glared at him, and said, ‘It is not done to touch royalty.’