The bodyguard who survived the car crash which killed Princess Diana is set to give evidence at her inquest today (23.01.08).

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Trevor Rees, who suffered severe head injuries in the Paris car crash in which the princess, her lover Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul all died on August 31, 1997, will appear at London’s High Court to give his version of events.

However, psychiatrist Dr. Maurice Lipsedge told the hearing yesterday (22.01.08) that he may never fully remember the fatal crash.

He said a “few” recollections might come back to Rees (formerly known as Rees-Jones) but they could be things learnt since the crash and so unreliable.

He said: “In view of the time that has elapsed, the chances of him recovering his memory are very slight.”

Dr. Lipsedge held a session with Rees just over a month after the crash, then two more in February 1998. In his statement he said: “At the first meeting, Trevor Rees-Jones was still very weak physically and very tired, but when I saw him on the next two occasions, his general health was obviously much improved and he seemed to have regained his physical equilibrium.

“He is an exceptionally strong person who has not suffered from depression or post-traumatic stress since the accident. He sustained severe head injuries and it is quite common for this to cause major problems with memory.

“These are of two types: post-traumatic amnesia, which starts from the impact and covers a relatively long period, lasting throughout the period of unconsciousness immediately after the impact, plus with several more days or
even several weeks of amnesia and retrograde amnesia, which covers the period immediately before the impact.

“In this case, Trevor Rees-Jones remembers getting into the Mercedes in the Rue Cambon and the car driving off. He remembers nothing after that.”