Top 3 Films of the Week

Blockbuster Of The Week

Abigail (18)

Melissa Barrera as Joey in Abigail, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett Photo: Bernard Walsh. Copyright: Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

A group of criminals kidnap 12-year-old ballerina Abigail, the daughter of a powerful underground boss who should be willing to pay a 50 million US dollar ransom for his pride and joy. The abductors are blissfully unaware that their pint-sized victim conceals a devilishly dark secret and isn’t as helpless as she appears. In fact, she is the hunter and they are the prey.

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Comedy Of The Week

The Book Of Clarence (15)

Anna Diop as Varinia and LaKeith Stanfield as Clarence in The Book Of Clarence, directed by Jeymes Samuel. Photo: Moris Puccio. Copyright: Legendary Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

In AD 33, Clarence, twin brother of Thomas the Apostle, finds himself heavily indebted to loan shark Jedediah the Terrible. To ease his financial woes, Clarence hatches a hare-brained scheme to pose as a messiah and ride on the coattails of Jesus. His plan to be anointed the 13th apostle is initially scuppered until Judas Iscariot asks Clarence to prove his worth by freeing a group of slaves.

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Critic's Choice Of The Week

Sometimes I Think About Dying (12A)

Daisy Ridley as Fran in Sometimes I Think About Dying, directed by Rachel Lambert. Copyright: Vertigo Releasing. All Rights Reserved.

Fran traps herself in a bubble of isolation working at the Port Authority in Oregon. While the rest of the team connect, Fran daydreams about her own demise as stylised tableaux. The deathly gloom is lifted by the arrival of a new staff member, Robert from Seattle. An impromptu date at the local cinema with her cheerful co-worker followed by a shared slice of marionberry pie throws Fran’s meticulous routine out of kilter.

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Also Released This Week...

Aespa: World Tour (PG)

The K-pop four-piece comprising Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning perform their hits, recorded live at their first UK concert at the O2 Arena in London. The set list includes Black Mamba, Girls, Next Level, Savage and Spicy.

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Butterfly Tale (U)

Monarch butterfly Patrick has one full-sized wing patterned with distinctive black and orange, rendering him unable to take flight. He refuses to be left behind in the autumn while family and friends travel thousands of miles south to the forests of Mexico.

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Fantastic Machine (15)

A feature-length documentary explore our fascination with cameras in a whistlestop history lesson from the first known captured image to the present day when photographic images are frequently polished and filtered before they are posted on social media.

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The Metropolitan Opera Live: La Rondine (TBC)

Nicolas Joel directs a lavish, Art Deco-inspired staging of Puccini's bittersweet romance, broadcast live from the stage of the Lincoln Centre For The Performing Arts in New York under the baton of conductor Speranza Scappucci.

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NT Live: Nye (TBC)

Rufus Norris directs Tim Price's impassioned drama about the man who transformed Britain's welfare state and spearheaded the creation of the NHS. The National Theatre co-production with Wales Millennium Centre is broadcast live from the stage of the Olivier Theatre in London.

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Royal Ballet Live: Swan Lake (TBC)

The Royal Ballet's artist in residence, Liam Scarlett, choreographs a sparkling production of the romantic ballet set to Tchaikovsky's score, broadcast live from the stage of the Royal Opera House in London.

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