Prince William photographed his cousin Zara Phillip’s boyfriend naked in bed with another woman for a stag do prank.

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William sneaked two pretty girls into rugby star Mike Tindall’s hotel room as he and Zara’s brother Peter – who is set to wed fiancée Autumn Kelly next month – slept during a boys only trip to Britain’s Isle of Wight over the weekend.

One of the girls involved in the practical joke said: “Peter and Mike were asleep face-down on their beds after getting drunk and were snoring for England.

“William persuaded the hotel staff to give him a spare room key, then got us to lie beside them and take some incriminating photographs. We all got the giggles. I bet Peter and Mike were horrified when they saw the pictures at breakfast.”

The girl also revealed William faced an embarrassing incident of his own during the 72-hour drinking marathon in Cowes, after being given a ‘wedgie’.

She added to Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “They pulled his boxer shorts so high they ripped, then they all tried to pull his trousers down.

“Everyone got to see his bottom while he desperately tried to pull his trousers back up.”

Meanwhile, William – who received his Royal Air Force (RAF) wings on Friday (11.04.08) – completed his RAF training by flying himself and brother Prince Harry to the Isle of Wight by helicopter for the stag party.

William picked Harry up at Woolwich Barracks in South London, with the pair eventually arriving at the Isle of Wight’s Bembridge Airport at 4pm.

The trip meant he flew over London and open water, two elements he had to complete as part of his training.