Prince Harry has been accused of putting lives at risk after he was driven to a nightclub at speeds of up to 100mph.

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Police are investigating the incident after company director Tim Williams claimed he was tailgated by the prince’s police escort, and forced to drive far in excess of the 70mph speed limit on the M4 motorway inot London on Saturday evening (17.05.08).

Williams said: “How dare they put the lives of motorists at risk. It was really dangerous and I’m furious that they think they can drive like this just because of who they are.”

Due to heavy traffic, Williams – whose wife, eight-month-old baby and sister-in-law were passengers in his car – became sandwiched between the Audi the prince was travelling in and its police escort in a Range Rover.

Williams said: “I thought they were going to nudge me. It was frightening. The middle lane was busy so I couldn’t pull back in.

“I had no option but to accelerate, forcing me well over the 70mph speed limit to speeds I was uncomfortable with.”

Williams did not realise Prince Harry was in the Audi until he caught up with both cars at traffic lights in West London and saw the prince in the passenger seat.

The prince – who earlier in the day had been at cousin Peter Phillips’ wedding at Windsor Castle – reportedly spent Saturday evening (17.05.2008) at Boujis nightclub in Kensington.

Although Clarence House refused to comment, a police source confirmed the incident was being investigated and said: “The Royal Protection Squad is accountable to the public just like any other police officer.”