Prince Charles was left red-faced when two women flashed their breasts at him during a charity reception yesterday (11.12.07).

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The prince was greeting guests at his London residence Clarence House for an event to mark the 10th anniversary of cancer charity Walk the Walk, when the ladies opened their tops to reveal their red fluffy bras decorated with golden crowns.

The women staged the stunt in honour of Walk the Walk’s flagship fundraising event the Moonwalk, which sees thousands of women annually walk the London marathon route at night sporting their bars.

Julie Rennie, 36, said: “The prince stopped to chat and asked us how many charity walks we had taken part in. Then I told the prince that I had something to show him and we showed him a little bit of our bras.

“Then someone told us we had to show the whole thing, so my friend Julie Rogers and I opened our shirts and showed him our bras. He was very interested in asking how they were made.”

In a speech afterwards Charles joked: “Unfortunately, I normally have to be with you in a virtual sense rather than in reality although your founder Nina Barough is always trying to get me to take part in one of these walks.

“Perhaps it would be handy if I could borrow one of these royal bras.”

Walk the Walk has raised a massive UKP35 million since it was founded.

Meanwhile, 350 geese being farmed for Charles’ organic food label, Duchy Originals, have been stolen in a UKP17,500 raid. The thieves also burned down the poultry barn at the Higher Fingle Farm in Cockernwell, Devon, killing 800 ducklings.

The geese – which retail at UKP50 each – were posh Duchy Originals’ entire stock of Christmas birds.