Prince Andrew has been urged to cover the cost of security guards for his daughters.

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Scottish politicians insists it is the prince’s responsibility to pay the UKP500,000 to protect Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie “as they flirt and flaunt their way through the nightclubs of Europe” and should not be covered by the British taxpayers as part of this year’s UKP30 million bill to protect the British Royal Family.

Livingston Labour Member of Parliament Jim Devine said: “It is not the role of the British taxpayer to pay for the protection of two junior members of the royal family as they flirt and flaunt their way through the nightclubs of Europe.

“The UKP500,000 spent on the princesses’ protection could employ 20 nurses, carry out 125 hip replacement operations or perform 100 heart bypass operations.

“That is why I have today written to the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith asking her to make a statement to the British Parliament explaining who made this decision, at what cost, and what services are being provided.”

Devine also said Beatrice, 19, and Eugenie, 17, should take a leaf out of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips book, who doesn’t have a police bodyguard, despite being a high profile royal.

Earlier this week, royal security officers complained their skills were being “wasted” on looking after younger royals while they went clubbing.

A member of the Royal Protection Squad said: “We are asking the British Royal Family, respectfully, if they will accept some reductions in the UKP30 million bill.

“Performing tasks like looking after Prince Andrew’s daughters when they are out nightclubbing or swanning around the world does stick in the throat of some Royal Protection Officers.

“They feel that looking after royals when they are performing public duties is a proper use of their time, but looking after junior royals who are out partying until the small hours is annoying some of us.”