Margaret’s gangster documentary

Princess Margaret is set to be the subject of a television documentary.

The royal – who died in 2002 aged 71 after suffering a stroke – is to feature in the Channel 4 film, which will focus on the illicit love life of Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister.

The documentary, called The Gangster And The Princess, will feature details of Margaret’s alleged relationship with notorious London gangster John Bindon.

The programme is said to investigate the notion that Margaret and John shared a sexual relationship while on the Caribbean island of Mustique, where the princess holidayed every February.

Various people, including John’s former lover Vicki Hodge and Margaret’s controversial biographer Noel Botham, have already been interviewed for the show.

Noel is quoted by The Daily Mail as saying: “I have no doubt that John Bindon and Margaret were lovers. The princess would telephone Vicki Hodge’s villa on Mustique, where Bindon was staying, and would ask him over to her house. This occurred more or less on a nightly basis.

“Bindon told me he gave her nine out of 10 for technique in bed and 15 out of 10 for enthusiasm. He said she was insatiable.

“Margaret loved partying in Mustique and loved people stripping off. According to Bindon, she used to take photographs of naked limbo dancers.”

However, many people who were close to the princess have dismissed the controversial claims.

Royal biographer Kenneth Rose said: “I can tell you the princess would not have had anything to do with someone vulgar. I am not saying she did not have lovers, but her companions were all very agreeable and civilised.”