Dubai royals check out Fulham

A British restaurant hosted three foreign royal families in one night.

The owner of Chutney Mary, in London’s exclusive Fulham district, was left shocked when royal family members from Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all made separate dinner reservations for Monday night (25.08.08).

A restaurant source is quoted in The Daily Telegraph as
saying: “The extraordinary thing is that none of them had any idea the others would be there. At first we thought it was a practical joke, but it was such an honour to have them here.”

The regal diners enjoyed several dishes at the acclaimed Indian restaurant, although finding sufficient parking for their fleet of expensive cars proved a problem.

The source added: “There was quite a commotion as they all greeted each other and you could barely move for security men and Rolls-Royces on the street outside.”

Chutney Mary was opened in 1990 by Namita Panjabi and Ranjit Mathrani. It has twice received the award of Best Indian Restaurant in the UK from the authoritative Good Curry Guide.