A celebrity psychic has revealed how she predicted the death of Princess Diana.

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Sally Morgan – who tells of her amazing vision in her new book My Psychic Life – met with a palace aide, whose name has been changed to Fiona to protect her identity, to warn her of the fatal car collision which killed the princess.

Sally writes: “I could see a car. Blackness seeming to crowd in on it. I wasn’t able to make out the car, just the darkness of its colour. And there was a body.

“My hands flew to my mouth. ‘Oh my God, Fiona,’ I repeated. ‘I can see them. They’re pulling a body out of a car.’ I saw the body of a woman on the ground. I knew it to be the queen.

“Fiona took the tape of our conversation to Kensington Palace and I suppose the princess must have listened to it.”

Fiona called Sally – whose clients have included George Michael and Uma Thurman – after the tragic accident in a Paris tunnel to remind her she had predicted the death.

The aide told Sally how Diana had wanted to be known as the “queen of people’s hearts”.