Charles’s school of drug-taking

Prince Charles’ former school Gordonstoun in Elgin, Scotland, is embroiled in a drugs controversy after one of its pupils was allegedly accused of dealing cannabis.

Staff at the mixed boarding school – which Charles attended from 1962 to 1965 – reportedly confronted 11 pupils suspected of using drugs, and one accused of dealing, and gave them an ultimatum; either to admit smoking the drug and be suspended, or have a urine test and face expulsion if the results were positive.

A source told The Sun: “The teachers bust into one boy’s room at 10pm. His test came back negative but others were not so lucky.

“One pupil has been asked to leave and 11 others were suspended for two weeks. Those 11 are on a final warning. They will also undergo regular testing for cannabis.”

Charles – who has regularly spoken about the tough disciplining at the education centre – was not subjected to the same strictness when it came to drugs during his time at the school.

The source added: “It may not be as strict as in Charles’ day but its not a place where you can get away with taking drugs.”