Prince Charles has managed to persuade some travellers to leave his land after four days.

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A 20-strong group were camped on recreational land in Poundbury, Dorset, in the village owned by Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall estate.

The travellers agreed to leave yesterday (09.06.08) following negotiations with Simon Coninbear, Charles’ representative in the village.

Francesca Leaper, chairman of Poundbury Residents Association, said: “We were dismayed to see the travellers. We had an invasion in 2004 and they left horrible filth.”

Four years ago, 50 travellers stayed in the village for a week, where they staged late night parties, lit bonfires and caused disruption by riding around on quad bikes.

Charles set up the village at Poundbury for people of all social backgrounds to live together in harmony. Construction in the village began in 1993 and the four phases of development are expected to be completed by 2018.