Prince Charles’ comments on genetically-modified crops have sparked outrage.

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The prince, who claimed the production of genetically-modified (GM) crops could lead to the “absolute destruction of everything”, has been branded a ‘Luddite’ as several British politicians rubbished his concerns.

Labour MP Des Turner fumed yesterday (13.08.08): “Prince Charles has got a way of getting things absolutely wrong. It’s an entirely Luddite attitude to simply reject this out of hand.”

Liberal Democrat Phil Willis, chairman of the all-party Commons science committee, said: “While I admire Prince Charles’ commitment to environmental causes, his lack of scientific understanding and his willingness to condemn millions of people to starvation in areas like sub-Saharan Africa is absolutely bewildering.”

However, some politicians have demonstrated their support for Charles’ controversial opinions.

Conservative food spokesman Peter Ainsworth said: “Charles is voicing concerns which many people share about the potential consequences of believing GM technology will solve the world’s food security problems.”

In a newspaper interview published yesterday, the prince – who runs an organic farm – voiced his fears that industrial food manufacturers will eventually run small corporations out of business.

He said: “Everything run by gigantic corporations? That would be the absolute destruction of everything and the classic way of ensuring that there is no food in the future.

“If that’s the future, count me out.”

He added: “I think genetically modified food will be the biggest disaster environmentally of all time.”