Boris Johnson related to the Queen

Queen Elizabeth is distantly related to the Mayor of London, it has been revealed.

Boris Johnson was left shocked to discover his royal connection as he traced his family tree for the latest series of BBC genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are?.

Boris’ paternal grandmother Yvonne Eileen Williams was a descendent of Germany’s Prince Paul Von Wurttemberg, who was a direct descendant of King George II.

This connection means the 18th century monarch was Boris’ great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.

The programme also unearthed that Boris is related to the Swedish and Dutch royal families and to the Romanoffs – the Russian royal family.

Boris said: “If you had told me that I was related to George II, I would have thought you were absolutely crackers.

“I would have been terribly proud just to have been related to the German King, but I can’t hide it from you that even in our common European home, I am particularly thrilled to have some British Royal ancestry as well.”

In the episode, due to be broadcast on 20 August, Boris also travels to Istanbul to trace his Turkish roots.