Amy Winehouse 'Killing Herself' on Crack


Singer caught on camera inhaling from pipe

Amy Winehouse 'Killing Herself' on Crack.

Amy Winehouse has been caught on camera smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

The shocking images, reportedly taken at the singer's east London home at 5am last Friday (18.01.08), show Amy standing in front of her wedding photograph as she lights up a glass pipe - commonly used to smoke 'rocks' of the class A drug, a crystallised form of cocaine - and inhales deeply several times.

During the drug-fuelled party in her squalid flat, Amy also allegedly snorted "highly concentrated" powdered ecstasy and cocaine. When friends beg her to carry on partying, Amy replies: "I would be useless to you because I have had about six Valium to bring myself down."

Valium is a prescribed sedative which is used to treat anxiety and depression. When taken with alcohol, its effects are multiplied and users often feel drowsy.

At one point, a painfully-thin looking Amy staggers around her living room barefoot looking for her kitten while friends warn her to be careful of broken glass scattered all over the floor. The 24-year-old Rehab singer then accuses a pal of stealing her pet, mumbling: "If I was that cat I would leave on my own accord - I would call a cab. It isn't right. This isn't Toys R Us. They took my cat."

Now friends and family are terrified she will die before she kicks her drug habit.

One pal told The Sun: "Amy is locked in a nosedive towards oblivion - she is killing herself. The video shows a woman completely out of control. Family and a few real friends have begged her to pull herself from the brink many times. This is proof she has pressed the self-destruction button.

"We can only pray she gets a wake up call soon. She is looking so thin and dirty."

The footage was taken just hours before Amy arrived in a London court last Saturday (19.01.08) to support her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who is being held on remand for grievous bodily harm and conspiracy the pervert the course of justice.

Amy was rushed to hospital last August after collapsing following a three-day binge of alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine and the horse tranquiliser ketamine.

She briefly entered the Causeway clinic in Essex last year, but left after a series of heated rows with Blake.

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