Promising to do better to unite the people and encourage world peace simply doesn’t cut it in this day and age.

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Beauty Queens around the world are having fillers, implants, extension and god alone knows what else to be the best of the best.

Miss Australia has called in the help of International Fashion Designer Ruth Tarvydas to create… The Opera House at Sunset

The bust is shaped on the Opera House using swarovski crystals whilst the body represents sails on the harbor, the skirt is the swirling sea at sunset and the hat represents the sun setting.

Ruth received mixed reviews about the outfit and simply responded:
“I’m sure some would like me to build a BBQ over her and put sausages on her head, maybe that’s their idea of how Australia should be portrayed”

Ruth’s career spans back over 30 years, she was the first Australian Designers to show at London Fashion Week when it began 25 years ago and her business has grown with it. Dressing the likes of Cheryl Cole, Emma Watson, Florence and the Machines and many others.