LONG SUFFERING LONDON COMMUTERS faced an unexpected challenge today as they came face to face with a zombie outbreak on the Millennium Bridge.

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The undead flesh-eating monsters dragged their decomposed bodies along the Southbank, terrifying traffic on Westminster Bridge and finally venturing down to the depths of the London Underground.

London was not alone in this visitation of evil; twenty-five other cities across the world have been similarly afflicted. The first sighting of zombies was in Taipei and the infestation has since spread from Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Rome, Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York City and on to Los Angeles.

Fret not, however, it turns out this alarming plague is little more than a chance for a motley crew of under-employed actors to paint their faces, apply some latex and stumble around waving their arms menacingly.

The attack was in fact a huge publicity stunt to promote the worldwide release of The Walking Dead, a new TV series which sees its UK premiere on FX Friday, November 5th at 10pm.

Video Footage of the Zombies Attack on London

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