THE SUPER-RICH are set to get a dedicated fast-track lane for passport control at UK airports, the House of Commons was told yesterday.

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Brian Moore, head of the UK Border Agency, said that plans were being worked on to give “high value kind of business people” a smoother ride through immigration as they were “valuable to the economy”.

“It is an idea that officials are discussing with port operators,” Moore told the House of Commons Home Affairs select committee.

“It will then go back to ministers for them to consider whether and how it is going to be progressed. It is an idea that is being pursued.”

Moore added that the move would show the world that Britain was “open for business”.

Rich travellers can already jump queues at Heathrow with the Heathrow By Invitation service, by which travellers can stump up £1,800 for their very own dedicated immigration officer to come and sort documents while they sip champers in a VIP lounge.

The new Border Agency scheme would effectively hand “high value kind of people” the same queue-dodging benefits for free.