THE QUEEN might end up in the witness box of one of her own courts, if Mohammed Al Fayed gets his way.

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The Harrods owner seems determined to bring Her Majesty and Prince Philip into play at the High Court, scene of the latest round of legal investigation into the deaths of his son, Dodi, and Princess Diana, some ten years ago.

“I’m hoping for justice, I’m a father who lost his son,” said Al Fayed. “I have been fighting for 10 years, at last I want to have justice. I believe, that my son and Diana were murdered.

“I’m hoping to God to find the murderer or the gangster that took the life of two innocent people,” he added. “I will not rest until that’s done.”

In order to make solid his belief, Al Fayed says he needs the testimony of Prince Philip, who Al Fayed holds ultimately responsible for the deaths, and the Queen, who is said to have told Diana’s butler Paul Burrell, that “dark forces” were at work against the Princess.

“At stages in her life the only person Diana could talk to in confidence in the Royal Family was the Queen,” explained Michael Cole, Al Fayed’s spokesperson. “She has an unrivalled knowledge of the princess’ state of mind.”

Legal experts think today’s inquest may have to be delayed while the legal implications of calling the reigning monarch to bear witness are considered.

Diana: A Princess Remembered – an audio-visual exploration of Diana’s life, using film clips, TV interviews and collections of stunning photographs – is still on at Kensington Palace. It includes some by Mario Testino, one of which is featured here. More info on the exhibition here