THE HOUSE OF COMMONS could be on the move, if a huge refurbishment plan gets the green light from MPs.

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The roof covering the debating chamber in the Mother of Parliaments needs repairing, which would take up to 30 years to complete if workers had to do their jobs with MPs getting under their feet.

That same repair work could be completed in just three years if the Commons was closed.

“Any plan to move MPs out of the House will be very controversial,” said Nick Harvey MP on behalf of the House of Commons Commission, the body in charge of this kind of thing.

“It is something they will want to debate about at length before they decide the best way forward.”

Among the options for a temporary home for MPs should the Commons shut up shop are Church House, the Church of England’s HQ and the place MPs relocated during World War 2; the QE2 Conference Centre and County hall, the home of the old Greater London Council.