Madonna has been banned from ever appearing on Absolutely Fabulous.

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Jennifer Saunders – who plays hippie PR woman Edina Monsoon in the long-running comedy series – was once desperate for the Girl Gone Wild singer to appear on the show, but after a number of snubs she has decided she will never be allowed on.

She said: ”We have had loads of celebrities who have said no to us, but always Madonna. Madonna is the bane of our lives.

”In fact even if she said yes now we would have to turn her down. Madonna has always said no – and so are we.”

Previous guests on the show have included Emma Bunton, Lulu, Kirsty Wark and Kate Moss and Jennifer admits the best celebrities to have are the ones who play it ”deadpan”.

According to the Daily Star, she said: ”All you can say to them is, ‘I really want you to be straight’.

”The greatest guests we have on are the people who play it completely deadpan and straight so we can be funny off them.

”The worst ones are the ones who try and overdo the joke.”

Saunders – who stars in the show alongside Joanna Lumley – is currently working on the movie version of the BBC show.