MADONNA is taking the Daily Mail to court for £5 million over the paper’s unauthorised publication of her wedding pictures.

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The paper admits it breached the singer’s privacy when it published the photos of her year 2000 wedding to Guy Ritchie, but says that the amount claimed by Madonna is “simply fantasy”. The Mail paid just £5,000 for them.

Madonna’s argument is that £5m is “the estimated value of the photographs” on the open market.

“The photographs, assembled by the claimant in an album, were a personal record of the event and kept by the claimant at her home,” Matthew Nicklin, Madonna’s lawyer, told the High Court yesterday.

“While the claimant was having interior work done on her home in Beverly Hills, one of the designers, Robert Joseph Wilber, surreptitiously gained access to the photograph album and copied at least 26 photographs,” Nicklin added.

The Mail, which used 11 of the pics in November of this year, was the first media outlet to publish any photos of the Madonna/Ritchie wedding. They were taken by top snapper Jean-Baptiste Mondino as a wedding present to the couple, who are in the middle of a divorce.