GUY RITCHIE claims Madonna is spying on him during their divorce battle.

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The RocknRolla director is said to be furious his estranged wife is watching his every move and couldn’t believe she even knew of a private family dinner he held to discuss the couple’s impending divorce.

Guy has compared Madonna’s intrusive actions to “something concocted by the KGB”, the notorious former Russian security service, and has allegedly told her “this is a divorce, not the cold war”.

A source told The Sun: “Any hopes Guy had of their divorce being private and dignified are out the window. She’s a control freak and there’s so much at stake.

“When Guy found out ‘‘How can you set fire to our whole world? Why go to such lengths to destroy me?'”

Since the announcement of the couple’s split last week, Madonna has accused Guy of “emotionally abandoning” her, while the 40-year-old filmmaker claims the pair broke up because of Madonna’s controlling nature and her devotion to the mystical religion Kabbalah.

He was further dismayed when the 50-year-old singer developed an interest in Hinduism earlier this year.
“He didn’t talk about it but it must have been very confusing for Guy. Every weekend was dominated by Kabbalah. Then Madonna develops another interest – and Guy is supposed to make sense of it and keep up.”

The couple’s lawyers are presently discussing the terms of their divorce settlement, including access to the three children they raise together – Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and David Banda, three.

Madonna is presently in the USA on her Sticky and Sweet tour, while Guy remains in the UK, working on his latest film Sherlock Holmes.