HUNDREDS of fines for illegal use of the M4 bus-lane have been wiped today, in the run-up to the lane’s retirement later this year.

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This morning the government’s Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that it had agreed to drop 200 fines lodged against mini-cab firm Addison Lee, as well as 130 court summonses.

Black cabs and motorbikes are allowed to use the bus-lane, which stretches three and a half miles from Heathrow airport to Brentford, but mini-cabs and other cars ran foul of the law if they drive along the often empty carriageway.

However, today’s decision to drop any action against Addison Lee – thought to be the major M4 bus-lane offender – raises the prospect that others will have their fines dropped.

That, in turn, could suggest that it is already safe for everyone to use the unpopular bus-lane.

“It could be open season on the M4 now,” said one regular M4 user.

Officially, the lane ceases to exist on 24 December this year.