LONDON’S population of Latin Americans has ballooned in the last ten years, while the numbers of most other ethnic groups has remained largely static.

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There are now about 113,500 Latin Americans in town, a huge jump on the 31,211 counted in 2001, according to a new report from London’s Queen Mary University.

In contrast, a separate survey from the Office of National Statistics shows that the overall non-white population of London has stayed at around the 40% mark for the last decade.

“The population estimate shows we are comparable in size to the capital’s Polish, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities,” said Tania Bronstein, of the Latin American Women’s Rights Service, which jointly commissioned the QMU report.

Brazilians and Colombians make up most of the Latin quarter, with Ecuadorians, Bolivians and Peruvians not far behind.

While non-white immigration into London has continued in large numbers, this influx has been balanced by around 600,000 non-whites who have left town for other parts of the UK since 2001.