LONDON’S taxis, or more specifically their drivers, have been voted the world’s best in a new poll of international travellers.

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As well as claiming the overall crown, our world famous black cabs came top of the rank for their drivers’ service, knowledge and niceness, finishing streets ahead of their nearest rivals from New York.

The survey of 1,900 travellers, run by, was conducted in May and since then things have got even better with the increase in cabbies using Twitter to link up better and quicker with passengers.

“We’re getting more and more bookings, and the quality of bookings is better, with longer trips,” said Richard Cudlip, one of the 100+ cabbies now part of the Twitter service and one of its founders.

Taxi Rankings
1. London 56%
2. New York 28%
3. Tokyo 27%
4. Berlin 17%
5. Bangkok 14%
6. Madrid 14%
7. Copenhagen 11%
8. Dublin 11%
9. Frankfurt 10%
10. Paris 10%