LONDON is rubbish at sorting out rubbish, according to a new pan-European report, which says we stick more of our waste on landfill sites than any other of the continent’s big cities.

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Though the government has pushed councils to recycle more in recent years, London still dumps 52% of its rubbish – or 2.2 million tonnes – on landfills while recycling 22% and burning the rest.

Some European cities have recycling rates at least double London’s and many bin far less stuff in the first place, says the survey from Suez
Environment, a French waste management company.

On average, Londoners chuck away 520 kilos of rubbish per year, compared to 420 kilos for Copenhagen, a teacher’s pet city that comes out well in the report in general.

But we’re not quite so bad for rubbish-chucking as we are at landfill-abusing; whereas London comes bottom of the 25 city survey in the landfill charts, it manages a relegation-beating fifth from bottom for throwing things away.