KEN LIVINGSTONE has come out fighting against Boris Johnson, the man chosen to be his main opponent in next year’s mayoral elections.

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The current London Mayor reeled off a list of policy positions Johnson has wriggled around in recent years, to prove his contention that the MP for Henley would be a “shambles” for London if elected.

“Boris Johnson opposed congestion charging and did a U-turn on this, supported the anti-lesbian and gay Section 28 and then abandoned this, says he is green but opposed the Kyoto treaty,” said Livingstone.

“London is currently the world’s most successful city and requires serious city administration not a shambles.”

Johnson — more famous for his TV quiz appearances than for his political knowhow — is happy to trade blows with his rival, calling Livingstone “King Newt”, a possibly unfortunate reference to the mayor’s hobby of taking care of pond life.

On policy, Johnson revealed he wants to make housing the key issue of the election and said he would abandon Livingstone’s plans to build tens of thousands of affordable homes in London, calling such dwellings “rabbit hutches”.

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