LONDON’S Tube travellers have revealed their pet Underground hates and top of the list is not letting people get off before others get on.

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Over three-quarters – 76% – of those questioned in a new survey for Which? are fed up with the rude type who fail to let fellow passengers off a train, while 66% find pushing and shoving irksome.

Not far behind on 60% comes annoyance resulting from music overheard on commuter headphones.

The last complaint appears to go against plans to introduce a mobile phone service underground, but that would be to ignore the London human’s rank hypocrisy. Coincidence or not, the same proportion who don’t like others’ music want to talk as much as they like on their mobiles.

Even worse, the phone conversation topics respondents say they are most likely to engage in are: letting people know they’re running late, catching up with family and friends and planning the rest of the journey.

That’s what we have to look forward to in the coming years as Transport for London and the big mobile phone companies are said to be close to signing a deal that would see Underground lines fully plugged in, in time for the 2012 London Olympics.