Hotels - Ten Things We Hate About You

Hotels – Ten Things We Hate About You

WITH THE SUMMER a wistful distance away it seems we’re looking back on our holidays with less than a fond eye.

According to a new survey, hotels have a bundle of added extras that can turn our precious escapes into a journey to hell. Top of the hate list is lack of space and privacy followed closely by high prices – compounded by the current strength of the euro.

The research, for, shows we’re getting fed up of hearing our fellow guests ‘nookie’ noises in the room next door and frankly don’t like having get to dressed up for breakfast. The firm argues that the answer is to opt for the privacy and freedom of self-catering holidays instead.

However, we suggest that the ideal credit-crunch self-catering solution is to give up on the annual vacation fleecing and stay at home. Anyone for a sofa, a takeaway and a World Cup?

Top 10 hotel gripes

1. Lack of space and private facilities
2. Price – especially when there’s more than two of you
3. Astronomical mini bar prices
4. Cleaners ‘tidying up’ possessions when they should only be making the bed
5. Being able to hear the TV, screaming kids and ‘nookie’ in the room next door
6. Having to get washed and dressed for breakfast (and by a certain hour)
7. Cleaners coming in unannounced
8. Knowing the best food is gone or has been sitting ‘warming’ for a long time if you turn up late for breakfast or the buffet dinner
9. People who ‘reserve’ sun loungers
10. Chintz

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