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London Lookouts – Central London

North – Primrose Hill, NW3, NW8
Just north of Regent’s Canal, this luscious lump of ground offers unparalleled views south across Regent’s Park, its zoo, and the WestEnd, emerging at the skyline in the distance. (This view is pictured above, in silhouette, in our ‘Eyes over London’ masthead)

East – St. Paul’s Cathedral, EC4
Above the famous Whispering Gallery of the Cathedral’s huge dome lie the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery, both of which offer great views of the City district, the River Thames and much else besides. After reaching for the sky, visitors can then descend to the depths by taking in St Paul’s crypt, the biggest in Europe.

East – The Monument, EC2
Like St Paul’s this was designed by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire in 1666. Despite over 300 steps to the top of the Doric column, views of the surrounding city are mostly obscured by taller structures but is still worth the effort for vista fans. Its 202 feet make The Monument the tallest isolated stone column on the planet.

South East – Tower Bridge, EC3
One of London’s most famous landmarks, Tower Bridge is also one of its best viewing galleries. From the footbridge that link the two gothic towers, eyes are treated to a stunning view of the river as it bends through the city centre.

South East – The Shard, SE1
Visitors to The Shard will be whisked upwards via high speed lifts to the public viewing gallery dubbed The View From The Shard.
The Shard is the tallest building in the EU, standing at 310 metres (1,016 feet). The observation gallery will be more than twice the highest point achieved by capsules on The London Eye, whose structure stands at a mere 135 metres (443 feet) at its peak.

South – The London Eye, SE1
The Eye offers unparalleled views of the capital. Sitting aboard a tiny capsule you get to view the city as it has never been seen before. Click here for our feature page on the big wheel.

South – The Oxo Tower, SE1
Once the home of food flavouring manufacturers Oxo, the pretty brick tower now houses one of London’s top restaurants and provides an exciting view from south of the river to the north bank between the bridges of Blackfriars and Waterloo.

West – London Hilton, Park Lane, W1
Largely anonymous hotel is at least large. Large enough, in fact, to house Windows bar on the top floor which boasts a stunning view of huge swathes of London. Recommended especially at dusk, cocktail in hand, watching the known world slip on the cloak of darkness beneath your feet.

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